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SavoryBitez established its roots in South Calgary in 2021. The company is owned and operated by Varghese Joseph, Ashley Alex, Subin Mathew, and Biju Thomas George. SavoryBitez prepares, provides, and delivers a variety of authentic marinated and barbecued meat products and fast food catering to school students. Combining popular South Asian & Indian flavors within Calgary, our chef has been able to make some amazing on-the-go meals for everyone! For your convenience, SavoryBitez provides a great Take-Out experience that captures the essence of a restaurant and a home cooking experience!

Savory Bitez - Chicken Element
Savory Bitez - Chicken Element
Why People Choose Us

SavoryBitez is the best one-stop-shop for authentic on the go South Asian cuisine!

SavoryBitez is a start-up company driven by passion for superior food, authentic South Asian & Indian flavors, and warm community development. Our products are good for all occasions, people who want a healthy meal alternative, or delicious South Asian finger foods such as Samosas and Cutlets.  Started by four friends with a vision to be Calgary’s home brand that offers excellence in Quality, Convenience, and Customer Service, SavoryBitez aims to deliver on their values
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Savory Bitez - Why People

A one of a kind culinary establishment with a menu inspired by some of the most beautiful places in the world, we bring our vision to multiple neighborhoods across South Calgary. Our menu exemplifies simple and honest traditional cooking with savory flavors. 

Come visit us today to see why we are the talk of the city.

Quality & Farm Fresh Ingredients

Sourcing out local farm-fresh ingredients and supporting farms across Alberta is one of our core principles. Our goal is to provide all our guests an unforgettable dining experience that is not only distinctive, but is also compounded in flavor.
Savory bitez - Quality & Farm Fresh Ingredients

Authentic Marinades

Each of our menu items stand well on its own, but what makes SavoryBitez so special is the authentic and flavorful marinades we create for our marinated meats that go into our ready-to-eat options but can also be used for at home cooking convenience. All the spices and marinades we use are made with natural ingredients and exotic spices that bring forward the aromatic flavors.
Savory bitez - Authentic Marinades

Inspiring Recipes

Our world-class chefs work endlessly to create unique and authentic South Asian recipes. With different combinations and flavors, we are able to create amazing recipes that combine all types of culinary cuisines.
Savory bitez - Inspiring Recipes

Elevated Taste

Our partner chef has experience cooking all over the world. By combining specific elements from across Canada, India, Europe, and Africa, we have created a one-of-a-kind fusion blend and an interesting array of menu items craved by our customers!
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Introducing Our Culinary Genius

Subin Mathew

Head Chef - Red Seal

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